Analytical checks

IRCPack offers the possibility to carry out tests to check the confomity of the packaging according to the regulations in force, for their use in contact with food.

The analyzes are performed by laboratories Sepack Lab and LabAnalysis, with which we constantly collaborate.

The most frequent analytical checks are:
• Analytical controls on specifically regulated materials (plastic, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, tinplate, etc.) and unregulated (wood, cork, metal alloys, etc.)
• Verification of composition and purity requirements for paper and board
• Overall migrations, specific migrations and content determination (worst-case) for the verification of compliance with the regulations in force of materials coming into contact with food
Sensory analysis for the evaluation of the risk of organoleptic damage
Evaluation of the functional barrier
Evaluation of printing inks and “set-off" studies
Characterization of NIAS (non-intentionally added substance)
• Physical-mechanical tests: traction, COF (friction coefficient), resistance to delamination
• Microbiological analysis
• Analysis of organic micro-pollutants (aliphatic hydrocarbons, iso propyl naphthalenes, phthalates, benzophenone, phosphoric esters)
• Solvent residue in flexible materials
• Determination of mineral oils

IRCPack provides test reports and technical reports which are exhaustive and qualitatively high with references to the legislation in force.