Advisory services

Nowadays there is not a single body of harmonized legislation at Community level for all materials coming into contact with food.

In particular, there are some regulations that establish the basis for the complex legislative framework:
• Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 of the european Parliament and of the Council of 27th October 2004:
it establishes the safety and inertia requirements that all the materials and objects coming into contact with foodstuffs (MOCA) must have, in order to be compliant in the European Community
• Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2023/2006 of 22nd December 2006: it deals with defining and guaranteeing good manufacturing practices through constant compliance with the requirements for the production of MOCA; moreover, it puts a rigorous detail on the appropriate sites in order to manage all the critical phases in the manufacture of the materials, ensures a documental traceability of all the production phases and certifies the correct choice, compared to the raw materials used in the supply chain.

In order to comply with these and specific regulations, the MOCA manufacturers or transformers must be able to produce accurate conformity and traceability documentation, orienting themselves in a regulatory landscape not always easy to understand.

IRCPack provides a group of qualified experts able to offer:
technical-scientific and legislation advice on the aspects of safety in food packaging
• assistance for the conformity declarations drafting for food contact in compliance with current regulations
• development of customized analytical plans based both on material /object type and on the food/s it will come into contact with
• definition of analytical protocols for new food packaging approval